Tunnel 228

Just before Punchdrunk's fame launched with Sleep No More, I worked with them and the co-producers of Tunnel 228: Kevin Spacey, Old Vic Theatre, and Arden Entertainment. 

Inspired by Fritz Lang's silent masterpiece, Metropolis, Tunnel 228 showcased the work of 23 artists working in the unclassifiable territory between theatre and contemporary art in the long-forgotten tunnels beneath Waterloo Station.

A very cool “pop up” art show and theatre experience, Tunnel 228 seemed to have come out of nowhere. From a mysterious website which posed as a legit rail cleaning business, people could get free tickets to the event via a hidden link.

The show included work by ATMA, Mark Jenkins, Antony Micallef, Slinkachu, Polly Morgan, Vhils, Xenz, and Busk. If you were able to get tickets, it was moving, frightening, and memorable.

Article in The Guardian