A narrative 360° short film about a Filipino cruise ship cleaner who finally gets his chance to perform in the crew talent show. This film was part of the inaugural class of Google's Jump Start program for VR creators. 

Film screenings:

DC Web Fest April 6, 2018

LA Asian Pacific Film Festival May 5, 2018

World VR Forum (Switzerland) June 7-10, 2018

STIFF (Seattle) July 26-29, 2018

Seoul Web Fest August 16-18, 2018

Toronto New Wave August 25, 2018

Tacoma Film Festival October 4-11, 2018

Edmonton Short Film Festival October 13, 2018

*more screenings to be announced


2018 DC Web Fest, AR/VR Gold

2017 Google Jump Start, Inaugural Class

2018 CINE Golden Eagle Award, Finalist

2018 Seoul Web Fest, Official Selection

2018 World VR Forum, Official Selection

2018 LA Asian Pacific Film Festival, Official Selection

2018 Seattle Transmedia & Independent, Official Selection

2018 Toronto New Wave, Official Selection

2018 Edmonton Short Film Festival, Official Selection

2018 Tacoma Film Festival, Official Selection




Crew Center "it draws a parallel between the smiling crew member – who serves your drinks by the pool or cleans your cabin – and the pain those smiles often hide"

VR Focus "new 360-degree film will shine a light on conditions experienced by Filipino cruise ship workers" "designed to push forward how narrative stories are told in 360"

The Filipino Times "during nine months at sea, [Jason] grew closer to his crew, most of which were Filipinos, and was faced with the working conditions Filipino crew members experience that passengers aren’t able to see"

The Keyword: Official Google Blog "his narrative short film, The Crew, tells the story of a Filipino cruise ship cabin steward who uses karaoke to escape his difficult working conditions"


 Co-producer Matt Britten accepts Gold for AR/VR.

Co-producer Matt Britten accepts Gold for AR/VR.

 Japanese American National Museum

Japanese American National Museum

 World VR Forum, Switzerland

World VR Forum, Switzerland


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Behind-the-scenes photos by Bogdana Ferguson.

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