How do you "win" SXSW? Build the entire town of Sweetwater outside Austin.

444 pages of script. 
66 actors.
58 vendors. 
40 crew. 
5 weeks of construction.

We used immersive theatre to bring guests into the world of Westworld, and keep people excited until the Season 2 premiere. 




AV Club "one of the best publicity stunts of the 21st century"

Creativity Top 5 (#1)

AdAge "Elon Musk became the second most talked-about subject at Southby – HBO's Westworld project was hands-down the first"

Forbes "it will likely live on as a 'you had to be there' sign of status, certain to inspire FOMO and regret for years to come as people who couldn't attend add in their own bit of imagination to what it likely was" 

AdAge "HBO's Westworld town is blowing everyone's minds"

Esquire "an incredible mindfuck of a social experiment. And I didn't even have sex with a robot"

Vanity Fair "transported fans of murderous robots and AI intrigue into their favorite show in a way no high-tech VR experience ever could"

The Telegraph "an immersive experience in the style of Punchdrunk theatre, but on a massive scale"

Business Insider "it blew my mind"

AdWeek "literally built a Western town in the middle of Texas"

CNBC "Westworld won the battle for most dramatic "activation" — or branded experience. The show pulled out all stops with an immersive park that was far more elaborate, and similar to the show, than anything we've seen at the festival over the past decade."

The Austin Chronicle "probably the most ambitious activation yet at SXSW"

Fast Company "but Sweetwater surely represents its most ambitious effort yet"

IndieWire "what happens in the town has been meticulously plotted out"

Quartz "a spot-on recreation, down to The Mariposa saloon, The Coronado hotel, black and white hats, blood-stained player piano, cemetery, and saloon brawls"

The Outline "the acting felt more like the immersive theater of Sleep No More, opposed to the hokey recitations of a ren fair"

CNET "we found Sweetwater and it was exactly as we hoped"

Engadget "we both managed to make it out alive after two hours. Is it wrong that we both wish we could go back?"

IGN "it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever been to"


Agency: Giant Spoon
Role: ACD / Writer
Partners: HBO, Westworld

Wow! What was that? Was it a theme park? Whatever it was, it was great!
— Elon Musk
 Cast of Westworld at SXSWestworld event.

Cast of Westworld at SXSWestworld event.

 Elon Musk visits SXSWestworld.

Elon Musk visits SXSWestworld.