SNL40 App

To support the release of the SNL40 App, we were asked to deliver an "interactive infographic" concept. Our focus became centered around SNL impressions.

SNL Makes An Impression starts you off with a massive, interactive grid of cast members, hosts and public figures that have been impersonated in SNL skits.  To start your journey, the user clicks into a thumbnail of one of these people. This person becomes a starting point into a rabbit hole of endless connections. 

ie. Will Ferrel impersonated George W Bush, who was also impersonated by Will Forte, who also impersonated Willie Nelson, who was also impersonated by...

In testing the connections, most scenarios were virtually endless and got more and more interesting. At any point in the experience, you can view the entire impersonation, keep going, zoom out and see your path, or close out and start a path from an entirely different human.