Google wanted to make their second Science Fair bigger and better. We worked closely with Google to turn it into a global event that reached far beyond Mountain View. 



National Geographic "this contest brings out some of the most creative and forward-thinking projects being undertaken today, by young or old alike"

TIME "gone are the days of posterboard presentations...Google's science fair recruited life-changing ideas from teenagers across the globe"

Scientific American "the whole judging panel came away with a big 'wow'"

CNN "that combination of drive, passion for science and a desire to do something good was common at this year's event"

Mashable "when you hear “science fair," do homemade volcanoes and paper mache solar systems come to mind?...the Google Science Fair is a different animal entirely"

Wired "bigger and better than before"


Agency: Blue Flame
Role: Associate Creative Director

Event Highlights 

We used social media to attract 90 finalists in 13 languages. We had crews around the world creating documentary films about the contestants in their home countries. 


Throughout the weeklong event, we created digital and physical experiences that would keep the contestants, their families, and VIP attendees entertained and informed. 

Contestant Documentary

We produced an awards gala in a Palo Alto airplane hangar that was live streamed to over 100k viewers. Speakers included Sylvia Earle, Vint Cerf, and the heads of Google X, LEGO, CERN, Scientific American and National Geographic. 

Awards Gala Intro


Launch Video

How to Enter Video

In addition to $50,000 and other prizes, the winner was flown to the White House to meet with President Obama.