Samsung wanted to steal the spotlight from Apple for the iPhone 6 release. As Apple started their keynote, we began a real-time video shoot. We wrote and shot over 30 scripts in six hours. Six videos were approved and posted before the keynote ended.

They were well received, organically garnering over 14 million views, appearing in 60 publications, and globally reaching 300 million people.



Campaign US "they fed lines to actors playing computer tech repairmen...just another in a strong of clever campaigns"

The Wall Street Journal "what did you think, that Samsung was going to let its rivals release a Galaxy Note-sized device without a jab or two?"

Daily Mail "all is fair in the smartphone war"

CNET "Apple's breathless innovation is the source of limitless Samsung humor"

TechCrunch "the company has finally grown a few claws and even made fun of Apple’s jittery live feed"

AdAge "iPhone marketer's chief rival hits back"


Agency: Big Spaceship
Role: Senior Copywriter

When Apple makes a big announcement, the tech world stops in its tracks. Competitors generally stay silent, figuring they can’t compete with the Cupertino giant. For Big Spaceship, however, Apple’s September 2014 announcement was an opportunity to let rival Samsung get in a few counterpunches. The Brooklyn-based agency set up a war room to react to Apple in real-time. They fed lines to actors playing computer tech repairmen. As luck would have it, Apple suffered a glitch that day and its livestream kept failing. The effort netted Samsung 14 million video views and mentions in more than 60 global news publications. For the now-17-year-old Big Spaceship, Samsung’s was just another in a string of clever campaigns.
— Campaign US, March 2017

The next day, as the global press kept us in the spotlight, we continued the campaign by turning our videos into GIFs that broke Samsung social media records.