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That New Phone Feeling

To reach an audience outside our norm, we tapped into the internet's preferred method of communication - the looping GIF. Combining this with the repetitive compulsion you get from That New Phone Feeling, we created a single, hypnotic, music video composed of over 200 GIFs. With a buoyant pop song by the rising star Liz, the video perfectly articulated how the S6 makes you feel: every touch of the curved glass, every swipe along the edge, you're compelled to do it again and again.

We broke through into the cooler interwebs. Receiving media pick-up from music bloggers, fueling Reddit debates, and surprising the tech blogs who were expecting the same ole' thang. It was a big step forward, in the evolution of Samsung from a strictly tech powerhouse to a burgeoning pop brand.

Director: Pensacola
Agency: Big Spaceship
Role: Concept (with Breanne Thomas), Copywriter