Samsung Mobile wanted their new Galaxy to reach a younger audience, so we tapped into the internet's preferred method of communication - the looping GIF. We created a hypnotic music video composed completely of GIFs - over 200 of them.

With a buoyant pop song by the rising star Liz, and produced by Sophie of PC Music, the video perfectly articulated how the S6 makes you feel: every touch of the curved glass, every swipe along the edge, you're compelled to do it again and again.




Stereogum "it’s so appropriate that LIZ’s big comeback after a year-plus of silence, originally had its debut in a high-profile Samsung commercial, because it’s the most unabashedly jingle-worthy and materialistic shit you’ve ever heard...and it’s fucking great because of it"

FADER "it’s a commanding track that moves through rap and EDM on its way to a foamy, sparkling hook"

Tiny Mix Tapes "it soundtracks the incredible, just-released commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S6"

FACT Mag "it’s having an official unveiling in an online ad for the new Samsung Galaxy phone, which should provoke more debate about what exactly the PC Music lot are playing at – are they pranksters? hipsters? corporate shills? You decide."

Idolator "the brightest, most vibrant pop imaginable...that’s what has happened in a new Samsung ad"


Agency: Big Spaceship
Role: Senior Copywriter
Director: Pensacola

We broke through into the cooler interwebs. Receiving media pick-up from music bloggers, fueling Reddit debates, and surprising the tech blogs who were expecting the same ole' thang. It was a big step forward, in the evolution of Samsung from a strictly tech powerhouse to a burgeoning pop brand.

The video was then cutdown into individual GIFs which were used as social content throughout the Galaxy S6 campaign.