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It Doesn't Take a Genius

To steal some fire from the iPhone 6 release, I worked with Samsung and Big Spaceship to create a series of videos responding to the live Apple launch in real-time. By researching product leaks and past Apple launches, I was able to predict what they would announce and when. By creating a "straight man / funny man" comedy duo, we could quickly write scenarios and have them sent to the studio to be shot before the Apple launch ended. Six videos were written, shot and released all in one day. The videos were featured in over 60 global news outlets and garnered nearly 14 million video views. 

"That anti-Apple effort scored one million views in less than an hour, earned coverage on almost every tech site and led Mediapost to name Big Spaceship as its social media agency of the year for 2014." - AgencySpy

Production Company: Brickhouse Projects
Agency: Big Spaceship
Role: Concept (with Duncan Snowden), Copywriter