I Am #TheNextGalaxy

Samsung aimed to launch the new Galaxy S5 in a new way. Through social listening & research we learned there was tremendous opportunity to capitalize on speculations prior to the launch of a Samsung product. We launched a teaser campaign with cinematic teaser videos that did not reveal too much about the new product but rather got the press and fans talking and guessing. The campaign brought a 10x increased social share of voice (in comparison to last launch) and global press coverage. 

"It's too soon to judge the depth of change at Samsung, but there's certainly something different about the way the Korean company is approaching 2015. I've been keeping an eye on the teasers Samsung has been releasing for its upcoming Galaxy S6, and, well, they are not bad at all. They are subtle, enigmatic, and really tasteful. I look at them, and I start wishing to meet the humans responsible for putting them together. They seem like real swell people." - The Verge

Agency: Big Spaceship
Role: Concept, Copywriter