Google Science Fair

Google wanted to make their second Science Fair bigger and better. The 2012 event delivered with a global competition that attracted submissions in 13 languages and selected 90 regional finalists — 30 from the Americas, 30 from Europe/Middle East/Africa, and 30 from Asia Pacific. Throughout the weeklong event, we worked to create digital and experiential experiences that would keep the contestants, their families and VIP attendees entertained and informed. The finale was a gala held in a Palo Alto airplane hangar that was live streamed to over 100k viewers. It was hosted by BBC presenter Adam Rutherford and the speakers were National Geographic explorer Sylvia Earle, Google-X lead Richard Duval, CERN's Steve Myers and the Editor in Chief of Scientific American, Mariette diChristina, along with a performance by iLuminate. In addition to $50,000 and other prizes, the winner was flown to the White House to meet with President Obama. 

Highlights video. 

Full Finalist Event video.