Flat Rock Playhouse

I got a call from a friend who had recently become Artistic Director at Flat Rock Playhouse, the State Theatre of North Carolina. This major regional theatre was in bad shape. The balance sheet showed it was close to shutting down, the local government was refusing to support it significantly, and the public sentiment was increasingly negative. So my friend asked me to be part of a "dream team" he was putting together to help save a theatre that was a local institution for over 60 years. He knew how to pull at my heartstrings and then there I was living in the mountains outside Asheville for the next nine months. I created a strategic PR and marketing plan that led to the Playhouse being featured regularly on local news shows, on the cover of newspapers, in local church and rotary clubs, and eventually even in the New York Times. But most important, Flat Rock Playhouse is still around to entertain and enlighten its local community.