Tool of North America partnered with Amazon Prime Video to convert a 60,000 square foot parking lot into an all-out theme park.

The lot featured three show-specific immersive theatre activations, a 40ft tower, secret comic shop, nightly parties and premieres, and plenty of cosplay.



Vice “immersive exhibitions — to entice would-be viewers with a taste of the worlds their shows explore”

Los Angeles Time “immersive experiences that put fans in the world of their favorite movies and TV shows — are all the rage at Comic-Con”

Gizmodo “our favorite part was getting to ride the Rocinante on a United Nations peacekeeping mission for The Expanse. Let’s just say it checked something off both our bucket lists”

Variety “the installation pulls guests into a day in the life of creatures of the Row as they enter secret doorways with secret knocks and codes, purchase green fairy juice, and visit fairies”

Syfy “breathtaking…if the show has half of the atmosphere as this experience has, it'll be worth the watch”

Cheddar “Amazon Creates An Insta-Worthy Carnival At Comic-Con”


Agency: Tool of North America
Director: Aramique
Role: Creative Director (Early Ideation)




For the upcoming series Amazon Original series Carnival Row, the Burge was recreated, a bustling old world marketplace inhabited by mythological creatures styled in special effects make-up and custom prosthetics. A hidden door led guests into an ornate neo-victorian cabaret with dramatically lit interiors, expertly curated antiques, show-stopping performers and discoverable peepholes displaying unreleased show footage.



To introduce fans to the first season of The Boys, one of the most jaw-dropping scenes from the pilot episode was recreated, staging a smoldering car crash through the wall of an electronics shop. Audiences were dropped into the chaos and instructed to help cover-up a super-hero kidnapping. The performance stayed true to the grit and edginess of the series and was restricted to audiences over 18.



The Expanse was returning for its fourth season and series creators wanted to give Comic Con goers a first look at new storylines and settings. A 40 x 70-foot plot of extraterrestrial terrain populated by 16-foot tall ancient ruins and simulated sandstorms was designed. The mission-driven immersive experience introduced fans to the new planet Illus, one of the key backdrops of season four.